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History File date: December 2008.

This is the family history site of Susan C. Boddington who was born at Marlborough in the county of Wiltshire, England. Her family lived at that time in a small Wiltshire village called Manningford Abbots where her father William 'Bill' John Boddington was a dairy farmer.

The earliest record to-date we have been able to trace the origins of the Boddington family is in the Census year of1851. In that year Susan's great great grandparents John and Susannah Boddington are recorded as living in the villagte of Church Enston, Oxfordshire.

In the Census John Boddington is recorded as being 47 years of age, a farm labourer and having been born in Church Enston. His wife Susannah is recorded as being 35 years of age and a field worker having been born in Chippingnorton. They had a family of seven children, William (Susan's great grandfather) aged 22 years and a farm labourer, Hannah 11 years a scholar, James aged 9 years a scholar, Henry aged  8 years a scholar, John aged 5 years a scholar, Thomas aged 3 years and Lucy aged 11 months.

William Boddington (Susan's great grandfather) according to the 1851 Census was therefore born in the year 1829.

William and Olivia Boddington went to live in New Jersey, U.S.A.
Their first four children were born in New Jersey. The remaining 8 children were born at Manningford Bruce, near Pewsey, Wiltshire.

Their children were; William born 1874, Alice born 1875, Fanny born 1876, Frederick born 1878, Ellen born 1880, John born 1882, Frank born 1884 Arthur born 1886, James born 1889, Lizzie born 1890 and Albert born 1898.

Frank Boddington aged about 21 years

The family appears in the 1881 Census, with the 5 children then born,living at 21 Manningford Bruce and William senior is described as a miller.

This photograph was taken at Manningford Abbots Mill in, it is thought the early 1900's. William Boddington is the white bearded man standing on the bridge over the mill race. His son Frank is one of the men standing clearing the mill race.

Manningford Abbots Mill house

Manningford Abbots Mill Water Wheel

In the 1891 Census William Boddington senior is still described as the miller but his 3 eldest children have now left home.

William Boddington junior was working as a groom for Mr Thomas Fennell and boarding at 123 Devizes Wick, Devizes, Wiltshire.
Alice was a housemaid in the vicarage at Studley Green, Trowbridge, Wiltshire working for the Reverend Robert Monteath.

In the 1901 Census William Boddington senior is no longer described as a miller. He is 72 years of age and probably retired by then.
William's son Arthur, aged 16 years is described as a mller.
Frank is described as being a shepherd and a 12th child has now appeared, Albert aged 3 years.
Six children have by that time left home.
Fanny married George Hayward, who was a carpenter and is recorded on the census as living at 53 Elm Park Road, Reading.
Ellen married Charles Crook, a road contractor and is living at 150 Broughton Road, which is described in the census as 'The City'.
Frederick was on the register at Marlborough College and is described as a domestic manservant and at some time between 1901 and 1905 he married Edith Hewer, who was born in Bristol. She was also working at the college as a housemaid.
John (aka Jack) was a boarder at 44 Wilcot and is working as a milker and agricultural labourer for Mrs Ann Smith, a widow.
There is no record of William junior or Alice in the 1901 Census.

Frank Boddington, son of William and Olivia was born on the 20th February 1884 and lived all his life in Manningford Abbots. On the 5th December 1908 Frank married Gertrude Ellen Strong, born 29th April 1888, in the church at Manningford Bohume. They commenced their married life together living at Potterne, Wiltshire and from there moved to Sharcutt Cottage just outside of Pewsey, Wiltshire. Gertrude then saved her money from selling farm produce and purchased Field Farm at Manningford Abbots, Wiltshire. Besides farming at Field Farm they worked the farm at the Mill Mannginford Abbots that had been worked by Frank's father William.
Frank Boddington died at home after a short illness on the 21st October 1963. His wife Gertrude died of the asian flu in 1959.

Manningford Abbots Church October 2008 - Susan Baildon nee Boddington

Frank and Gertrude had four children;
Daisy Victoria Boddington born 1913
Evelyn Ethel Boddington
Douglas Boddington born 1917
William John Boddington born 21st November 1923

Evelyn Ethel Boddington, the eldest child we think married Jack Mason and they had two son's. Ralph is married to Janet and they have two daughters. John is a batchelor. Evelyn died in either 1997 or 1998 and her husband Jack is also deceased but the date is not known at the time of writing the history.

Daisy Victoria Boddington married Frank Keepence and they had one daughter Myra. Both Daisy and Frank are now deceased but their daughter Myra is still living in Wiltshire at the time of writing this family history.

Douglas Boddington after service with the Cold Stream Guards joined the Wiltshire Constabulary. He married Ann Varney and they had four children. Thomas, Mary, Margaret and Douglas.
Little Thomas unfortunately died in an accident aged 2 years in October 1944 and is buried the the Manningford Abbots Church cemetery along side his grandparent grave.
Mary is a widow. She married Anthony Parfitt and  they had one child a son.
Margaret is married to Terence McDonald and they have a son and a daughter.
Douglas is married and has a son and a daughter.

Manningford Abbot Church
The grave nearest left is that of Frank and Gertrude Boddington and the grave on the right of their grandson Thomas Boddington, aged 2 years when he died.

 On the 11th September 1948 William ( aka 'Bill') John Boddington married Dorothy Eddington at the Manningford Abbots church. Dorothy was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire and during the Second World War saw service with the 'Land Army' and that is how she came to be living and working in Wiltshire at the time of meeting William John Boddington.

Land Army Certificate presented by H.M Government to Dorothy Boddington

Dorothy's father was Harry Eddington who at the time of her wedding was employed in the dairy industry and had worked and lived in the Bradford, York and Blyth, Newcastle areas. Dorothy's mother was May Eddington and her maiden name was Shaw. Harry had served in the First World War like a lot of other men of his age.
Harry and May Eddington

May Eddington nee Shaw in later life

William John and Dorothy Boddington's wedding photograph taken outside Manningford Abbots church September 1948
Persons from left to right of photograph; Douglas Boddington, William John Boddington, Ian Clements, Dorothy Boddington, Joan Eddington
sister of the bride and Myra Keepence niece of the groom.
William (Bill) John Boddington followed in his ancestor's footsteps and became a farmer working the Mill Farm at Manningford Abbots like his grandfather and father before him. He lived at the mill with his wife Dorothy until approximately 1956 when he gave up the farm to take other employment.   'Bill' worked for a great number of years erecting marque's for the Nicholl's Company of Pewsey before going to work at the Pewsey Hospital alongside his wife Dorothy. They both worked there until retirement. 'Bill' died in August 2004 and at the time fo writing Dorothy is still living in Wiltshire.

Dorothy and William John Boddington
William John and Dorothy had two children whilst living at the Mill, Susan Carol Boddington born 1949 and Michael Anthony Boddington born 1955.

Susan C Boddington aged 11 years

Michael A. Boddington aged about 14 years

Philip C. and Susan C. Baildon married in 1969
Philip and Susan have two son's, Richard and Edward. Richard is married to Rachael and they have two daughters. Edward and his partner have two son's. Philip and Susan live in France at the time of writing this family history.                                                       

                                                                             Richard and Rachael Baildon's Wedding

From left to right of photograph: Darren Marks, bride's brother, Philip C. Baildon, Margaret Marks the brides mother, the groom Richard Baildon, Rachael Baildon nee Marks, Susan C. Baildon nee Boddington and Edward W. Baildon.

Edward W. Baildon and his partner Carly M. Batts

Michael Anthony Boddington married Val Surrell in 1986, they do not have any children.  Michael and Val live in Wales at the time of writing this history.

Michael Anthony and Val Boddington

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